Goyt Valley walk 1: The Riverside

Walk distance: 2 miles | Approximate time: 1.5 hours | Date recorded: March 2011.

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Click the expand button to view video in full screen. It was the first in the series, and very much a learning curve. It’s also the only walk without a commentary. I’ll add this when I get a chance.

Walk description & directions

Recorded in early March, this short walk is the easiest in this series, but includes one of the most scenic spots in the valley, as it runs down to the River Goyt (which is very much a stream at this point).

This part of the walk is along a solid track making it ideal for wheelchair users, or families with small children and baby-buggies. There are also some great paces for picnics, alongside the Goyt.

The walk can easily be extended by visiting the Packhorse Bridge (see walk 5 in this series). Or by going up to the ruins of Errwood Hall on the way back (see walk 2).

1: The starting point is Errwood Hall car park, which is opposite the shore of Errwood Reservoir. If the road is closed – which it often is during Summer weekends – park at one of the other car parks on either side of the dam wall, and walk along the road to reach the starting point.

2: Walk up the grass slope, past the information board, go though a gap in the stone wall at the top, and turn left along the footpath.

3: Keep along this path, with the stone wall on your left, all the way until you reach the narrow road.

4: Cross the road and go through the wooden gate on the opposite side. This section of the walk is ideal for wheelchair users and baby-buggies. Follow the path as it gently slopes down to reach the River Goyt (which is very much a stream at this point).

5: When you reach the end of the footpath (which is a great place for picnics), you can either return the way you came, or climb some stone steps to reach the road. This narrow road is one-way only – with traffic from the reservoir towards Derbyshire Bridge. Head right to return all the way to the car park. Or left to view the old packhorse bridge, which is a short distance further.

6: When you get to the point where the path crossed the road, you could return along the footpath on your left which will take you towards the ruins of Errwood Hall. Or keep going down the road to reach the car park.