Goyt Valley memories

On these pages I’ll feature people with personal memories of life in the Goyt Valley before the construction of the two reservoirs. Simply click on the ‘Read more’ links to view any story. All contributions would be very gratefully received. To get in touch, simply use the site contact page.

Fernilee Reservoir inauguration

This 1932 film records the inauguration ceremony for the construction of Fernilee Reservoir, with Stockport Corporation big-wigs standing apart from the navvies.

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Goyt’s Bridge before the flood

This silent film was one of two taken in 1932, during the construction of Fernilee Reservoir. It features the hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge, which now lies submerged beneath Errwood Reservoir.

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Goyt memories: Paul Mason

My dad told me about the time a pig ran off along the path going up to the hall. It ran over the edge and droped in the ravine. My grandad managed to get it out and clamed it for himself!

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Cycling the Goyt Valley (1932)

I passed Goyt’s Bridge Farm, which is to be demolished, and entered the lower stretch of the valley, where the second reservoir will be. They have already begun work by the Powder Mill.

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