Goyt Valley historical videos

The bottom two silent films were taken in 1932 during the inauguration ceremony for Fernilee Reservoir. One shows the construction works and the other includes scenic views of the hamlet of of Goyt’s Bridge, a couple of miles to the south. I’ve used excerpts from both in the video of Goyt’s Bridge. And created a shorter version of the original Goyt’s Bridge video set to music. I’ve got a couple more videos in the pipeline. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like notification when they’re published. Note: For some reason I don’t understand, the videos take a while to appear on this page.)

Goyt’s Bridge video

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally managed to complete a short, 12 minute video showing how the twin reservoirs completely changed the landscape of this part of the Goyt Valley.

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Goyt’s Bridge to music

A shorter version of the 1932 cine film of Goyt’s Bridge set to music, showing views around the stepping stones and packhorse bridge, with glimpses of Gatehouse Cottage.

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Fernilee Reservoir inauguration

This 1932 film records the inauguration ceremony for the construction of Fernilee Reservoir, with Stockport Corporation big-wigs standing apart from the navvies.

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Goyt’s Bridge before the flood

This silent film was one of two taken in 1932, during the construction of Fernilee Reservoir. It features the hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge, which now lies submerged beneath Errwood Reservoir.

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