This film was taken in 1932, during the construction of Fernilee Reservoir. It shows the most picturesque, northern part of the Goyt Valley, including the hamlet of Goyt’s Bridge. The quality isn’t wonderful, and is best looked at in full screen (click the icon below right of the video window).

The film includes some wonderful views taken beside the old packhorse bridge. Although all the buildings – including Errwood Hall – were destroyed shortly after the film was taken, the area wasn’t flooded until Errwood Reservoir was completed in 1968.

I’m planning to do another version of this clip, with a commentary describing the various scenes, and maybe an old map plus some background music, but I’m not 100% sure of where everything is. So if anyone can help, please do get in touch by via the website contact page.

The film is now owned by the North West Film Archive. I have asked for permission to use it, but they haven’t got back to me. And I suspect that when they do, they’ll ask for payment (which I can’t afford).

So I’m very much hoping they’re not going to object to my posting it on YouTube because I think it has significant local interest, and very few people have seen it. But if it suddenly disappears, that’s the most likely reason.