Goyt Valley before the flood

Thanks to the help of someone who prefers to remain anonymous, I managed to track down two cine films taken in 1932, during the construction of the first of the two reservoirs; Fernilee.

The films are silent, shaky and shot in grainy black and white, but they make fascinating viewing for anyone interested in this wonderful part of the Peak District. The first provides a unique record of the picturesque hamlet of Goyts Bridge before the buildings were demolished. The second shows the Inauguration ceremony for the start of construction of Fernilee Reservoir.

Click below to view either film. And click the ‘Expand’ button (bottom right) to view them in full screen.

Click here for more information about this film.

Click here for more information about this film.


I’ve recently added this shorter version of the Goyt’s Bridge cine film set to music. Click here for more information.

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